Baby Bib Tutorial

By on September 7, 2013

Today I will be doing a baby bib tutorial!

This is quite possibly one of the easiest things to sew. My son goes through bibs like crazy so I thought I would make some myself. Below I have a PDF document of the bib pattern as well as a full baby bib tutorial explaining beginning to end. Enjoy!


-1/4 yard of fabric or less

-Elastic or extra fabric

-Tracing pencil

-Velcro or snaps


Click here to download the PDF document for the baby bib tutorial (part A, bib)

Click here to download the PDF document for the baby bib tutorial (part B, bib pocket)


Ok, here we go…

First off, once you’ve printed your two patterns, cut each out and place on your fabric. Trace around each pattern with a pencil and then cut each pattern from the fabric. It should look like this…

Baby Bib Tutorial

Once you have your pattern cut out of your fabric, take your elastic and fold it over the top edge of pattern B. I purchased my elastic from Walmart. It’s a really good quality elastic that is meant for bibs. You can purchase it on by clicking here.

Baby Bib Tutorial

Your bib should look like this…Baby Bib Tutorial

Now pin that elastic over the edge…

Baby Bib Tutorial

And now sew that elastic down. I like using a zig zag stitch…makes it more fun!

Baby Bib Tutorial

Once you have that complete now you will need to lay that bottom pocket over the main bib piece. I usually do a top-stitch to attach the two pieces. This way they aren’t moving when you are placing the elastic. (No picture, sorry! It’s pretty self expanitory)

Now get your elastic out and pin that all the way around the bib. I started at the bottom of the bib but you can start wherever you want.

And then sew all the way around. Go slow around the top neck straps making sure the elastic stays in place.

Baby Bib Tutorial

It should now look like this…Almost done!!

Baby Bib Tutorial

Baby Bib Tutorial

Now a connection for the straps. You can use either velcro or some sort of snaps. I used snaps because the velcro tends to scratch my sons neck. If your doing velcro cut a rectangle, about 1″ x .5″ and just sew that on. Here is what I did with the snaps…

Baby Bib Tutorial

And that’s it! You’re done! Now go try it on your little one!

Baby Bib Tutorial

Thanks for reading my baby bib tutorial! 🙂

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  1. Rob O'Neill

    May 22, 2014 at 5:53 am

    What a very easy baby bib tutorial. The steps are very simple to follow. For me, I am also preferring in using snaps than Velcro. Yes, Velcro is good but sad to say they don’t last long and worst they scratch on a the baby’s neck. I like the combinations of colors, it seems like it’s so perfect.

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