Green Sprouts Cool Calm-Press

By on January 3, 2014

Today I will be reviewing the Green Sprouts Cool Calm-Press!

Every parent needs a product like this! A cool press for those tiny bo bo’s! This cool calm-press by Green Sprouts is great! It is just the right size for those  tiny ailments. Most importantly this cool press is PVC, BPA, and formamide free. Plus it is filled with safe, non-toxic gel. It is used as a cold therapy for bumps and bruises. And, it is flexible when frozen which is great for kids! The packaging does say for adult use only so I wouldn’t leave your little one unattended with this product.

When my son first had a bo bo I loved being able to just go to the freezer and grab this cool press. I did wrap a thin towel around it so it wasn’t too cold for him. He was more focused on his new toy, the cool press, than he was on his ailment (lol). I give Green Sprouts an A + on this product! Excellent packaging and performance!

These cool presses come in a variety of fun colors and animals! Click here to purchase the Green Sprouts Cool Calm-Press!

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