Green Sprouts Sea Friends Bath Toys

By on October 15, 2013

Green Sprouts Sea Friends Bath Toys!

These sea friends bath toys by Green Sprouts are great! My son just turned 1 year and loves bath time with these toys. The package says 3 + years but I don’t see any reason why a younger child shouldn’t play with them. I, of course, am with him the whole time he is in his tub. These toys are PVC and formamide free. They stick right to the side of the bath tub too…so much fun for those little imaginations! Each pack contains 5 toys – a whale, fish, octopus, starfish, and crab! And all are different colors so they’re super cute!

One thing I REALLY like about these toys is that they dry off so fast…no water for mold to grow. So many of my sons other bath toys have a hole that water can creep into. Water left in these toys creates mold…gross, right!? You don’t typically think about that, but it can happen!

And I actually just figured out that the packaging that the toys come in serves as a mesh bag that suction-cups to the side of the tub for storage. All the better!

Overall I give these bath toys an A +! They are an excellent, safe toy for little ones to play with during bath time! Good job Green Sprouts!

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