Green Sprouts Silicone Gum Massager

By on January 3, 2014

Today I will be reviewing the Green Sprouts Silicone Gum Massager!

This gum massager is great for any baby, ages 3 to 12 months, whether they are teething or not. My 12 month old son, who had 8 teeth at the time, loved to just chew on the rough tip. I think he actually thought it was a toothbrush because he moved it back and forth over his teeth (lol). Good practice! I really like that it has a special mouth shield to protect from inserting the teether too far into little mouths.

Here are some features of this gum massager:

  • Non-toxic
  • Free of BPA
  • Free of PVC
  • Long enough to reach sore gums where molars are pushing through
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Special mouth shield prevents inserting teether too far into mouth

Overall this is a great gum massager and very safe for young children. I give it an A +.

Click here to purchase this Green Sprouts Silicone Gum Massager.

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