How to: Infant Photography

By on January 21, 2013

Infant photography is probably the most amazing type of photography….at least I think so! It’s just so precious to see those tiny bodies all curled up in adorable positions! And it’s really not all that difficult to do. I’m going to lay it out step by step. In order to get the best shots of your little one, it’s best to do it within the first two weeks of their birthday. At this point they’re still really sleepy, which allows you to move them around without actually waking them. Here we go!

1. First, and most importantly, make sure baby is fed right before you plan to do the session. Hungry babies don’t cooperate as well as ones with full tummies! And also there’s something about having a full stomach that makes them want to sleep.

2. Get the room nice and cozy…warm cozy! You may end up sweating, but baby loves a nice warm environment…especially if you’re going to be taking their clothes off.

3. Set the stage. If you shooting inside, use a sofa or something that has plenty of cushion. Place a nice (textured is best) blanket over the pillows and over the back of the sofa. This way when you shoot, the back of the sofa or wall won’t be showing. Tip: If you really want to make it snugly warm, place a heating pad underneath the blankets on low heat. This’ll make those blankets nice and toasty for baby!

4. Get baby in specific clothes or undressed and place them on the blanket. Position them comfortably and for the rest of the session you should be able to move them around to get your shots. If baby starts to wake up, just hold their hands/arms and slowly rock them back and fourth until they go back to sleep…sometimes and pacifier works well too.

5. Once you have baby in a good position for photographing, start shooting away. It’s a good idea to have another person always standing next to baby in case they decide to wake up or move around…just to be safe!

Below are a few shots of my son when he was just a few weeks old. He cooperated amazingly! You can also see more of my infant photography if you click here!









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