iPlay Classics Ultimate Snap Swim Diaper

By on May 29, 2014

Just in time for summer, today I will be reviewing the Classics Ultimate Snap Swim Diaper by iPlay!

This reusable swim diaper is a necessity for any little swimmer this summer! My son recently started swim lessons. We were going through the disposable swim diapers like crazy! Not to mention the poor quality of the disposable diapers…that’s why they are disposable, right? The iPlay classics ultimate snap swim diaper is great because you don’t need any other diaper underneath. It has three layers of protection – 1.) waterproof layer that prevents leakage, 2.) absorbent layer that absorbs wetness to prevent accidents outside of the pool, and 3.) a lightweight wicking liner that pulls moisture away from baby’s skin. And it is actually really lightweight to give those little ones freedom to move as they please!

My son had one po po accident in the pool and from then on he wears his iPlay swim diaper! lol I learned the hard way. Compared to the disposable swim diapers, this diaper is snug enough to hold in any solid matter, but not too tight. Also, I LOVE the snap side for easy on and off. This makes it super easy when my son gets out of the pool and the diaper is difficult to slide off his legs because it’s wet. And, as the cherry on-top, this swim diaper is UPF 50 +…awesome, right!?

Overall I give iPlay an A+ for this amazing swim diaper! Honestly, if your little one spends as much time in the water as mine does, you NEED to have one of these!

Click here to buy the iPlay Classics Ultimate Snap Swim Diaper.

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