Product Review: Green Sprouts Aqua Bottle

By on September 5, 2013

Today I will be reviewing a straw top bottle by Green Sprouts (i play., inc.).

Let me start off by saying that over the past several months I have tried several sippy cups for my son. This cup by Green Sprouts is my favorite so far! Although it is not stainless steel or glass, the plastic is free of BPA, PVC, nitrosamine, and other known harmful phthalates. It comes with 2 silicone sippers which are gentle on teeth and gums, 1 straw, 1 straw top, and 1 polypropylene base. It is also no-spill which is a huge plus for me because my son always takes his cup and turns it upside down :-). This sippy is also so easy for my son to hold. Some other sippys he has to use both hands. With this one, he can grab it with one hand and sip. For on the go transporting, the straw top closes over the straw so there is no leaking.

Cleaning this sippy is such a breeze. Before the first use the instructions suggest to boil for 5 minutes. After that just place it in the dishwasher. All the parts disassemble easily for cleaning. Couldn’t get any easier.

You can purchase this Green Spouts sippy by clicking here.

Green Sprouts also offers a variety of cool colors to choose from!


































My son trying out his new Green Sprouts sippy!

My son trying out his new Green Sprouts sippy!

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